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What does Amfield Technology do?

Amfield Technology installs, services, designs and supplies residential and commercial customers with the latest in security, access control, audio visual and automated living solutions.

Where did Amfield Technology come from?

Amfield Technology was established in November 2009 by Directors Adam Whitfield, Christopher Chatfield and Omar Amire.

What are the goals of Amfield Technology?

With the technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of today’s revolutionary home and office technologies, we strive to introduce and educate the public on all that automated technology has to offer. Our core belief is that seemingly complicated, highly sophisticated and incredibly overwhelming technologies can be demystified and harmoniously integrated into a single user friendly, customer specific solution that is cost effective, easy to use, reliable and blends seamlessly with your environment.

What has Amfield Technology become?

In 2011 Director and Co-founder Adam Whitfield acquired Amfield Technology as a sole Director. Along with his wife Amy they quickly established the company as a family business and an industry leader in the fields of Security, Automation and Audio Visual technologies. Providing a vast array of products and services to all levels of the residential and commercial markets.