//Clubware 4.0

Clubware 4.0

Leading fitness industy software provider, Clubware is renowned for its functionality and versatility when it comes to gym management software and version 4.0 is no exception.

Launched in 2001 Clubware provides localised and cloud based solutions for single location fitness centres as well as multi-site clubs. Providing solutions for membership, marketing and inventory management, Clubware allows you to manage your fitness clubs daily operations with a software suite designed for the fitness industry, by the fitness industry.

Distributed by Debitsuccess and PaySmart in Australasia, DFC and Harlands in the United Kingdom, and now Debitsuccess in the United States. These companies are part of Transaction Services Group, an international full service payment solutions provider.

Clubware 4.0 comprises a number of responsive and innovative features, creating an enhanced user experience.

These new features include:

Web API – A new API provides access to data stored and managed by the Clubware system.  This supports integration with partners such as business intelligence providers or website, kiosk and mobile application developers.

User defined fields – Clubware 4.0 allows an unlimited number of custom fields so more information of value to the customer can be captured and detailed.

Increased branch engagement – Branch-related features include the ability to select different branches, configure alternate branches for closure periods, publish branch and head office announcements, create branch groups, and provide support for reciprocal access through branch groups or individual branches.

Reporting – As well as comprehensive reporting ability, the availability of reports and report filters is now managed through security groups so a team member will only be presented with the reports and filters they are authorised to view.   In addition, clickable links within generated reports will open relevant application screens.

Promotional discounts – The system creates reusable and non-reusable promotional discount codes for a specified date range and selected account templates.

Sales targets – These can now be created and maintained so operational efficiencies can be measured by the business.

Product Director of Clubware, Murray Barton had this to say about their latest release:

“An efficient membership management system is key to success for facilities in the competitive health and fitness market.”

“Clubware updates are based on respected industry input so it’s an ideal solution for clubs and facilities of any size – from a single studio to a large franchise.”

Today, Clubware is used by more than 1000 health and fitness clubs across Australasia and the United Kingdom.  Its ongoing development and improvement is growing its appeal with clubs and associations outside the traditional health and fitness space.  There is now a growing range of organisations finding its tools and features useful for running their administration.

If you would like to know more about Clubware’s software solutions, or you want to upgrade your existing Clubware version  check out their website at www.clubware.com.au

If you need help with the design, installation or service of your fitness centre, contact Amfield Technology on 1300 19 19 41. One of our expert consultants will be happy to assist with a solution that is tailored to your needs. For detailed information about upgrading your club check out our page on 24 Hour Gym Solutions.

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