//SALTO Systems JustIN newly launched mobile access control solution

SALTO Systems JustIN newly launched mobile access control solution

Smartphone-based access control

SALTO Systems the industry leader in wire free access control has just introduced a remarkable new mobile access technology.

Introducing SALTO JustIN. A revolutionary system that allows smartphone devices to integrate conveniently into access control solutions. With JustIN Mobile BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), doors can be opened with the tap of a smartphone and the introduction of JustIN mSVN (Mobile SALTO Virtual Network) NFC (Near Field Communications) the smartphone also becomes a wireless update terminal for access credentials and lock information.

SALTO JustIN Mobile access technology simplifies the users and dynamic key management process of users in a building. Receiving a key generated electronically on their smartphone, previously identified and authorized by the system, they can unlock the assigned doors from the JustIN Mobile app by selecting the appropriate key.

Technologically cutting-edge, SALTO Mobile means the end of lost key hassles, expenses and waste. Plus, the technology isn’t limited to one building or hotel room — it can also be used by the staff and users on multiple sites for any kind of access type like main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers and meeting rooms. Any existing access control location can benefit from the simplicity and versatility of SALTO JustIN.

Combined with user-convenient features such as it’s simple design and multi key possibilities being able to use the same app in different buildings, locations and for different applications, JustIN Mobile access control simplifies card issuing. With pin codes that can be guessed or forgotten. Keys and RFID devices that can be lost or broken as well as requiring collection and return. People don’t forget their phones as they do their keys and, if lost, they are quickly replaced. This becomes a major benefit in access control for administrators, clients, and users.

“As a leading innovator of wire-free access control solutions, SALTO Systems aimed to deliver the most advanced and versatile mobile access control technology solution to the market, increasing the efficiency of security infrastructure.,” said Michael Unger, Vice president of PR and Marketing at SALTO Systems. “Mobile access – and cloud-based systems will make a huge impact in 2017 as these solutions are already being adopted at our electronic locking full platform.”

Increase security and prevent fraud by improving control of users’ access and management of their access rights. The automatic user key cancellation improves security and the lost key instant cancellation for visitors, staff or other users brings peace of mind. JustIN Mobile allows users to access a door with their BLE-enabled smartphone, simply and securely. Now, the JustIN Mobile app also features bi-directional communication so that user events (access granted, access denied …) and lock battery status are sent back to the system OTA (Over the Air) without the need for any additional infrastructure. The app sends lock audit trail and low battery status monitoring for maintenance in real time without needing any additional communication infrastructure in the system.

If you think this system could work for you, contact us for a demonstration 1300 19 19 41.

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