//Solid Sound, Solid Performance and a Solid Foundation. The all new SONOS Playbase

Solid Sound, Solid Performance and a Solid Foundation. The all new SONOS Playbase

Your ears won’t believe your eyes.

That’s the message from Sonos when it comes to this amazing new product.

If you’re anything like us your already an avid supporter of the Sonos range. With Play:1’s in your bedrooms and Play:3’s or even Play:5’s in your living areas. You may have even created yourself that home theatre experience with a mix of all 3 and the introduction of the Sonos SUB.

But what if, like many of our clients and followers out there your TV isn’t mounted on a wall? In the beginning you were forced to place a Playbar in front of your display. Sure it sounds amazing but it takes up so much room. Well now there’s a better way.

Introducing the all new Playbase.

Sonos Playbase TV

Providing theatre quality sound for your TV and combining it with the streaming music Sonos is famous for. The Playbase can securely support TV’s up to 34kg and with the connection of just two cords you are ready to go. One for power and the other for your TV. Music services are streamed via WiFi, however, hard wired networking is provided.

Introduce a Sonos SUB and two Play:1’s at the rear of your lounge and suddenly you have yourself a complete 5.1 surround sound system.

At just 6cm tall this amazing device boasts 10 Class-D amplifiers powering six mid range speakers, three tweeters and a single woofer. Finely balanced and enhanced by the unique Sonos trueplay speaker tuning application. With stereo and Dolby Digital audio sequencing you can forget about those tiny speakers in your ultra thin LCD display and embrace a world of truly immersive crystal clear sound.

Available in black or white the tiny yet powerful Sonos Playbase is sure to make a fine addition to your Sonos family.

If you would like to hear the Playbase in action contact the team at Amfield Technology. Give us a call on 1300 19 19 41.

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